Research Projects

The Identity Ecosystem

Understanding the value and liabilities associated with identity assets, as well as the relationships among identity assets to discover the best practices, policies, and technology to protect, share and use the identity assets of individuals, organizations, and devices.


PrivacyLab helps users and organizations protect and control valuable personal data assets.


Quantifying trustworthiness of online sources in social media.

Identity Threat and Assessment and Prediction

Characterizing and predicting identity threat vectors, vulnerabilities and consequences for commercial market sectors, national defense and homeland security.

Self Sovereign Identity for Privacy-preserving Contract Tracing

The UT CID Privacy-preserving Contact Tracing (PpCT) app, leverages Self-Sovereign Identity advances based on the blockchain for 5G networks

The Path to Digital Transformation

UT CID is surveying the landscape of requirements and recommendations to answer the important questions pertaining to security, trust, risk and privacy.