Identity Leadership Certificate Program

Certificate Program

Identity Leadership 3-Day Certificate Program

Spring 2024: May 7-9 (Online Only)


The Identity Leadership certificate program offered by the Center for Identity at The University of Texas gives you the knowledge and skills to lead the complex business of identity – from assets, liabilities, planning, operations and workforce.

Combining academic excellence with real-world case-studies and relevance, this 3-day program will provide you with the tools, insights, and skills to help advance your career and make an immediate impact on your organization. You will have the chance to meet, learn from, and work with other experienced professionals from a wide range of industries, while learning a truly interdisciplinary approach to identity.

Each of the 3 days of the course represents a self-contained unit of instruction covering on a different area of focus in identity management security, and privacy. You may register for the entire 3-day course, or for any of the individual, day-long units. (See the curriculum section below for more information on the topics covered in each day of instruction).

Government/Military discounts are also available. Please email for more information.

Why You Should Attend

The importance of identity—belonging to an individual, an organization, or a device—has become a critical issue for all aspects of our society. Organizations from almost every market sector imaginable—consumer services, financial services, education, healthcare, energy, military, law enforcement, to name a few—collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and use it to uniquely identify people, corporations, government agencies and sometimes devices. With the growth of e-commerce, social networking, online banking, electronic health records, and the increased presence of government agencies online, the issues surrounding identity authentication, authorization, and management are growing quickly, as is the need for professionals trained to address those issues.

  • Get a certificate from top-tier university and national center of excellence Study with industry leaders and expert UT CID faculty and staff
  • Examine real-world case studies from industry leaders
  • Learn about identity security and privacy in all of its dimensions: people, processes, policy and technology

You Will Learn to

  • Leverage your identity assets Identify your organization’s identity risks
  • Lead a multi-disciplinary team required to manage the legal, policy, communications, business operations and technology of identity
  • Innovate and excel using the new currency called Identity

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and professionals currently responsible for identity assets or seeking to lead organizations with identity management, security and privacy challenges and solutions.

In your organization, these roles might include: • Identity Management Engineer • HR managers • Customer service managers • Corporate fraud investigation personnel • Privacy and compliance managers • Information technology staff • Information security managers • Intelligence analysts • Data scientists • Marketing managers • Sales managers


Day 1: The Identity Portfolio

  • Understanding Identity as an Asset
  • Digital Identity
  • Physical Biometrics
  • Biographical Information
  • Credentials
  • Behavioral Biometrics
  • IoT contribution to your Identity Portfolio
  • Identity Asset Valuation and Liabilities
  • Construction of Identity
  • Taking Inventory of your Identity Assets

Day 2: The Business of Identity

  • The Business Case for IAM
  • Identity Lifecycle Phases
  • Workforce requirements
  • Best Practices and Processes
  • Applications and Technology Solutions
  • Self-Sovereign Identity 
  • Trust Frameworks -- Isolated, Federations, Single Sign-on
  • Identity Providers and Relying Parties
  • Workforce IAM and Internal IAM – Employees, Vendors, and Partners
  • Consumer and Citizen IAM
  • Access Controls
  • Privacy
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Laws, Regulations and Public Policy across market sectors, e.g. GDPR, CCPA, GLBA, HIPAA, FIPPs, etc.

Day 3: Identity Threats and Response

  • Identity Threats and Response
  • Identity Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Threat characterization and comparison across multiple market sectors
  • Insider Threat
  • Thieves and Fraudsters
  • Victim Profiles
  • Incident Consequences and Impact
  • Event monitoring
  • Classification and Prioritization of Events, Incidents and Breaches
  • Incident Planning
  • Incident Notification Regulations
  • Incident Communication
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Incident Forensics