About the Center for Identity


The University of Texas at Austin established the Center for Identity (UT CID) to serve as a center of excellence delivering leadership and interdisciplinary research and educational programs in identity security and privacy. The Center fulfills this mission by:

  • Leading the world in forecasting threats and delivering solutions that uniquely define
  • and protect identity in physical and online environments
  • Delivering unique, actionable research to organizations to help them identify their
  • vulnerabilities, quantify consequences of those vulnerabilities and offer solutions to better
  • protect their organizations and their customers
  • Educating students, government, industry and the public concerning threats and solutions
  • for identity definition, authentication and protection for individuals and organization


The Center for Identity at The University of Texas at Austin is actively pursuing basic and applied research opportunities that advance both our understanding of the structure and behavior of the identity ecosystem and our ability to predict and mitigate identity theft fraud and abuse while protecting privacy in a wide range of application areas. Cornerstone UT CID research projects include:

  • The Identity Ecosystem Understanding the relationship among identity assets to provide
  • maps of the identity ecosystem for individuals organizations and devices.
  • TrustLab quantifying trustworthiness of online sources in social media.
  • PrivacyCheck automatically summaries online privacy policies and provides consumers an
  • overview of the ways in which companies use their personal data in a graphical at a glance format.
  • Identity Threat Assessment and Prediction (ITA ) Characterizing and predicting identity threat
  • vectors vulnerabilities and consequences for commercial mar et sectors national defense and
  • homeland security.


The Center for Identity offers both certificate programs as well as the Master of Science in Information Security and Privacy. Designed for both working professionals and recent undergraduates, the MSISP program allows students the opportunity to advance their careers in information security and privacy, while remaining in the workforce.

Strategic Partnerships

The Center for Identity believes an interdisciplinary and multi-sector partnership is critical to addressing the critical and fundamental identity challenges. Our partners share a common interest in the research and education needed to solve the identity challenges that impact personal security commerce government services and national security. To meet these challenges our partners help researchers develop deeper understandings of real world identity security and privacy issues and help the Center shape and prioritize its research and education pursuits.