Customizable Courses

The UT Center for Identity is eager to offer customized short courses on a wide range of topics for your organization.   Customization options include:

  • Location, Timing and Participants:   The UT CID will deliver an existing UT CID Certificate program exclusively to your organization at a location and time that works best for the designated participants. 

  • Use cases and examples: The UT CID can customized existing UT CID Certificate programs to offer use cases and examples of specific interest to your organization. The UT CID will work collaboratively with your organization to select and create examples and use cases to maximize interest and applicability of the course content.
  • Topics and content: The UT CID enjoys a wide range of expertise and experience and would be interested to create new certificate programs based on your organization’s interest and training needs.

Costs depend on the degree of customization and number of participants. Please contact us at: to discuss a customizable short course for your organization.