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The Center for Identity offers the following 1-Day Certificate Programs. 
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Privacy – Risks and Solutions

This course will examine organizational risks, opportunities and solutions for privacy in a digital age with organizational operations highly dependent on personal identifiable information (PII) for internal employee and external customer transactions. As customer become more savvy about the value of their personal data and as the risks for consumers and organizations rise, this course will survey those risks while investigating the opportunities available to organizations who value privacy and employ solutions that seize the business value of privacy technology and policy.

Blockchain – Securing the Identity Supply Chain

This course will introduce blockchain technology and how blockchain application are deployed to secure the transactions involving personal data.

Internet of Things – Protecting the Digital Exhaust

As a wide range of internet-connected devices collect and share personal data, this course will survey the range and quantity of devices and the sensitive data they collect, share and ultimately use to conduct surveillance and model customer behaviors. This course will also explore the implications of IoT devices for personal security and privacy.

Data Breaches – The Real Business Risks and Costs

This course will present an in-depth study of data breaches exploring why breaches occur and the real risks and costs for breached organizations and personal victims. The course offers a detailed analysis of breach vulnerabilities and consequences.


The range and deployment of biometrics is growing in almost every sector. This course will survey all types of biometrics, applications of biometrics, recent adoption trends, and UT research exploring methods to select the best biometric technology for your organization’s applications and operations.

Organization Communications to Value and Protect Personal Data

Leading organizations understand the value proposition for personal data and infuse their internal and external communications with a communication plan to enforce that value system. This course offers the methods and example case studies to exemplify the most appropriate communication plans for your organizations.

GDPR – What is it? What should you do? What is coming?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a game changer for the protection of personal data. This course examines GDPR to offer a clear explanation of this regulation and the operational application of its implementation.

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