UTCID 2018 Recap

UT CID Research

  • Published a groundbreaking two-part study assessing the penetration of biometric uses and applications in consumer markets (research funded by a gift from TransUnion). The reports garnered significant local and national media coverage:
  • Released the second annual Identity Threat Assessment and Prediction (ITAP) Center Report with a number of valuable new insights regarding the business processes, supply chain, and the impact of identity theft, fraud and abuse.
  • Continued delivering identity management and security advances via cornerstone UT CID research projects:
    • Measuring Identity Value vs. Risk: Building a new understanding of identity asset value, risks and liabilities in the CID Identity Ecosystem.
    • International Identity Assets: Expanding the CID Identity Ecosystem to deliver unprecedented definition of international identity assets and the value, risks and liabilities of those assets. 
    • International Identity Threats: Added many international identity threat cases to Identity Threat Assessment and Prediction (ITAP) repository.
    • Consumer-facing Privacy awareness: Continued development and refinement of the PrivacyCheck application to assist consumers in quickly understanding online privacy agreements. 
    • Measuring Privacy in the marketplace: Used PrivacyCheck to benchmark evolving industry standards for online data privacy policies, as well as to measure impact of GDPR on privacy policies.
  • Dissemination of the UT CID research findings in the following publications for 2018/2019:
    • Internet of Things: Securing the Identity by Analyzing Ecosystem Models of Devices and Organizations
    • Statistics in the UT CID Identity Ecosystem: Measuring Identity Composition, Security and Privacy
    • US-Centric vs. International Personally Identifiable Information: A Comparison Using the UT CID Identity Ecosystem
    • Enhancing and Evaluating Identity Privacy and Authentication Strength by Utilizing the UT CID Identity Ecosystem
    • Predicting Disease Outbreaks Using Social Media: Finding Trustworthy Users
    • Stock Price Prediction using Trust Filters and Enhanced User Sentiments on Twitter
    • Protection Game in Identity Ecosystem: Learning Identity Theft Countermeasures Through Gaming in the UT CID Identity Ecosystem

UT CID Education

  • Graduated the second cohort in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program—Congratulations to our MSIMS graduates for all their hard work, dedication, and accomplishment as the next generation of identity leaders!
  • Delivered the Identity Leadership Certificate course in Washington D.C. Identity professionals from around the country came together to examine identity security and privacy challenges from their respective organizations. The program’s participants represented a diverse cross-section of industry and federal, state and local government.
  • Admitted the 4th cohort to the MSIMS program. Slated to graduate in the spring of 2020, this new MSIMS cohort represents a wide range of interests and backgrounds, and continues to fuel the growth of the Center for Identity and School of Information’s groundbreaking graduate program in identity security and privacy.
  • Delivered a workshop to the Netherlands Office of Identity Data along with other Dutch government officials. UT CID shared research findings about the patterns and consequences of identity crimes across market sectors throughout the world.

UT CID Outreach

  • Launched an entirely new website for the MSIMS program featuring more detailed information about the program, curriculum, faculty and admissions process, as well as sections for career development, student and partner testimonials and more.
  • UT CID experts were featured at the following conferences and events:
    • ForgeRock Identity Live Summit – Fireside Chat w/CEO (Austin) — May, 2018
    • Netherlands National Office of Identity Data Conference (RvIG Klantendag, Netherlands) — Value of Identity — September, 2018
    • Society for Information Management (SIM) Local Chapter Meeting (Austin)—September 2018 Society for Information Management (SIM) Local Chapter Meeting (Austin)—September, 2018
    • Texas Cybersummit (San Antonio) — October, 2018
    • Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (Toronto) — October, 2018             
    • IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (Montreal) — October, 2018
    • Texas HHSC Cybersecurity Awareness Fair (Austin) — October, 2018
    • IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (Montreal) — October, 2018
    • Minnesota DPA “Investigating Identity Theft” Training Session (Minneapolis) — November, 2018
    • Future Technologies Conference 2019 (Vancouver) — November, 2018
    • Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications TASSCC “State of the State” (Austin) — December, 2018

2019 promises to be a very productive and crucial year for the Center for Identity as the issues surrounding identity and privacy receive greater attention and focus than ever before. Together with our strategic partners, UT CID will continue to lead as a center of excellence in identity security and privacy to benefit of a wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, law enforcement, leaders from corporations, state and federal government agencies, and academia.

On behalf of all of us here at the Center for Identity, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and health and prosperity in the coming year.

Best wishes,

Suzanne Barber Director, Center for Identity AT&T Endowed Professor in Engineering

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