Identity Resources for Small Businesses

No business is too small to be affected by identity theft or data breach. Small businesses and their owners are prime targets for cyber thieves—in fact, small business owners are almost twice as likely to have their identities stolen than non-business owners. Read on for IDWise expert analysis on how to keep your business, and your identity, safe.

Threats & Responses

Learn the top identity and data theft threats affecting small businesses, and how to take immediate action to prevent these breaches.

Tools & Tips

Train yourself, and your staff, with IDWise's toolkits and best practice lists. Learn how to keep your business' sensitive data safe.


IDWise has answers to top identity theft and sensitive data concerns currently affecting small businesses of all sizes.

The Numbers

Bright, easy-to-read infographics will help you understand risks small businesses are facing, and how to safeguard your company.

Test Your Knowledge

Are you prepared for a data breach? Take our test to help spot your organization's vulnerabilities and protect your sensitive data.

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