Privacy in the Digital Age

Caught between constant technological innovation, changing online behavior, and increasingly complex and nuanced national security concerns, privacy is often an afterthought. Consumers often feel powerless to exert any control over their privacy, and a number of studies have indicated a growing sense of confusion and ambivalence with respect to privacy concerns. What does the future hold for privacy from the perspective of the individual, of businesses small and large, and of government and law enforcement? This is a rich and urgent area of research, with a wide variety of questions and application areas. Here are a few examples:

  • What impact will the Internet of Things have on privacy?
  • How can new technological innovations “bake” effective privacy controls into the development process?
  • Do consumers really care about privacy?
  • How do we give consumers the tools they need to manage and protect their privacy?
  • What are the emerging standards, regulations, and laws impacting consumer privacy and organization’s responsibilities to offer protection and transparency?