ID360 Scorecards

Identity is a new and emerging asset growing in importance to consumers, businesses, and government agencies.  While consumers are increasingly concerned who does the best job managing their identity assets, they generally lack clear and understandable standards with which they can judge how well an organization protects their sensitive information. In many cases the organizations themselves lack the appropriate metrics for measuring effective management of identity information.

The Center for Identity’s ID360 Scorecard program, scheduled to launch in early 2017, promises to help organizations to demonstrate and communicate mature, effective, and tested management, protection and security of these identity information assets. 

This is an exciting and emerging field of research, which promises an immediate impact in the marketplace.  Some of the questions to be examined include:

  • What are the criteria for evaluating an organization’s identity management, security and privacy policies?
  • What are the appropriate metrics for measuring these policies?
  • How should an organization communicate their identity management and protection leadership most effectively to consumers and citizens?