Research Approach

The Center for Identity at The University of Texas at Austin is actively pursuing basic and applied research opportunities that advance both our understanding of the structure and behavior of the identity ecosystem, and our ability to predict and mitigate identity threats in a wide range of application areas.

Research projects often include faculty, staff, and students from multiple disciplines to ensure the ID360 perspective investigating from a legal, business, public policy, technological, communications and/or societal viewpoint.

Research projects are always motivated by challenges from one or more sectors. The Center describes research discoveries and value in the content of the DHS Critical Infrastructure with particular attention to the following sectors related to:

  • Financial services
  • Consumer services
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • National security

Center for Identity research is deepening understanding of identity using three primary strategies:

Investigate identity from an “ID360" perspective

Leveraging talent, expertise, and experience from across the university, the Center explores the legal, policy, technological, societal, business, and communications solutions of identity challenges.

Leverage the expertise and experience of our Strategic Partners

Center partners include corporations, state government agencies, federal government agencies, and law enforcement. These partners offer real insight and guidance regarding current and future identity challenges. The Partners serve to ground our research investigations and contribute to Center efforts with years of deep expertise.

Make a difference

Identity theft could really be called “Life Theft," since finances, reputations, and emotional well-being can all be damaged by the crime. Research that advances knowledge of how to protect consumers, businesses, and government agencies from identity theft can have significant and persistent impact for years to come. As nearly every part of our lives is conducted on the internet, without these research advances, our society is at real risk, and transactions across all sectors (financial, consumer, education, defense, healthcare, and many more) cannot be trusted. We must do our utmost to further our fundamental understanding of these identity challenges.

Our research is moving forward at a fast pace. Please contact us to collaborate and benefit from this groundbreaking research.

Research Projects

The Center for Identity's research is focused on key interests within the Identity Ecosystem, including financial and consumer services, energy, healthcare, and national security. The Center draws on expertise from throughout the University to research identity management challenges.

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Academic Publications

The Center's refereed conference and journal publications help to share thought leadership and research excellence which will directly impact the present and future of identity.

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The Center for Identity boasts a faculty with diverse interests and expertise, providing a 360-degree perspective on identity issues, challenges, and solutions.

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Center Project Reports

Center Project Reports highlight the emergent thoughts and applications of Center research projects. Emphasizing current issues and trends, these papers provide snapshots of information and set the foundation for large-scale projects and practical solutions.

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