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The Privacy Check browser plugin is currently available for Chrome and Firefox.  

Protect Your Privacy with PrivacyCheck

Identity theft costs Americans more than all other property crimes combined. Nearly one in ten American households are victims of identity theft every year, with losses of nearly $25 billion in 2013 alone. How can you guard against becoming one of them?

The first step in protecting your personal data is knowing who has access to it. Controlling the data you share online is the best way to protect your personal information before anyone has a chance to do harm.

A privacy policy is a statement that declares how a company collects and releases information a customers discloses during a transaction. Most businesses are required to make their privacy policy available online, but they aren't required to make it easy to understand.

Where to Start?

Knowing how difficult it can be to get the information you need, IDWise, funded by a partnership with the Texas Legislature and powered by the Center for Identity, has created PrivacyCheck. With a simple click, you can quickly learn how a company handles your personal data, from email address and credit card information to sharing with advertisers and law enforcement. When you navigate to a privacy policy and click Start, PrivacyCheck automatically reads and extracts the information you need using an advanced data mining algorithm. PrivacyCheck then organizes this information into a simple "at a glance" format with red, yellow, and green icons indicating the level of risk.

Get it All for Free

Add PrivacyCheck to your Chrome or Firefox browsers today, and put the power of data mining technology to work for you!  

Download the Chrome version here:

PrivacyCheck for Google Chrome

Download the Firefox version here: 

PrivacyCheck for Firefox
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Funded by a partnership with the Texas Legislature, and powered by the Center for Identity, IDWise is a resource center for the public on identity theft, fraud, and privacy.

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