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Identity Safety Advice for Caregivers

After a long, productive career, many older adults look forward to celebrating the active lifestyle afforded by retirement. Remember, though: just one instance of identity theft can threaten your Medicare, tax information, and well-earned nest egg. In 2013, it was reported that 19 percent of all complaints were filed by consumers aged 60 and older. It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with identity theft and guard yourself and your loved ones against attacks.

Threats & Responses

Older adults are among the most likely victims of identity theft and abuse. Stay safe by learning how to combat today's top threats.

Tools & Tips

Discover IDWise's best practices and toolkits to best protect yourself, or your loved ones, from deceiving identity theft trends.


IDWise has answers to top identity theft questions currently affecting older adults. Read answers to help stay safe on- and offline.

The Numbers

IDWise explores identity theft facts in a bright, easy-to-read format. Discover our colorful infographics.

Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of identity theft, fraud and abuse.

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