ID360 2015: The Identity Economy

May 5 and 6, 2015

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ID360 is a community of stakeholders dedicated to fostering research, development, and implementation of innovative solutions for meeting current and future challenges in identity fraud, theft, misuse, management, and protection. Participants focus on understanding, defining, and securing identity. Experts examine trusted identities for individuals, organizations, and devices from every angle of our increasingly online world.

This unique conference invites experts and stakeholders from the private sector, government, and academia to engage in a comprehensive 360-degree study along the five critical dimensions of Identity: Law, Business, Policy, Technology, and Society. ID360 is an invaluable forum to share, learn, and exchange ideas, experiences, and innovations.

The theme of this year's ID360 is “The Identity Economy." Personally identifying information (PII) serves as currency on the Internet—it is used to gain access to all forms of goods, services, networks, and devices. Consumers, corporations, and government agencies operate their internal identity economies, as well as participate in the global identity.

ID360 Event Info:
Hilton Austin
500 East 4th Street Austin, TX 78701
Tuesday, May 5, 2015 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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The Center is pleased to unveil ID360's four engaging panel topics.

Global Economy of Identity
Our world is increasingly digital and in this world a new global currency has emerged – our identities. This panel will explore the global nature of identity as a currency including identity management across borders taking in to account varying policies, laws and cultures; international identity crime, international identity enrollment and authentication and how PII is used internationally. .

Digitizing Everything: Exploring the Impact on the Economy
What happens when all the information on which we rely to identify a person goes digital? This panel will explore the impact of this digitization on commerce across different market sectors and for different types of consumers. Will we see any changes to identity theft and fraud as a result of using all-digital forms of identification?

Today’s Digital Currency: Navigating the Impact on Identity Management and Security
The use of digital wallets is growing rapidly. They are convenient, and easy to use, and as long as you have your mobile device, you never have to worry about forgetting your wallet or purse ever again. This panel discussion will explore the connections between the growing digital wallet options and the management and security of our personally identifiable information (PII). Discussions will address questions such as: How much PII do we—and should we—share when we use a digital wallet? To which information on our mobile device does the wallet have access? How does the use of a digital wallet change the value of other information on our mobile devices? What are the trade-offs of convenience, security and privacy?

Identity Crimes: Your Money or Your Life?
There is a huge difference between understanding a crime and understanding what the victim of a crime goes through. Businesses, government and law enforcement officials routinely describe identity-related crimes as a “misappropriation of a commodity.” In contrast, victims commonly report “feeling violated” by identity theft, suggesting an experience more akin to assault than theft. This panel will explore the many implications of these two very different perspectives and how to find a middle ground – one that brings more empathy to the victim while still allowing businesses, law enforcement and government to remain effective in addressing identity theft.

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