ID360 2015: The Identity Economy

ID360 is a community of stakeholders dedicated to fostering research, development, and implementation of innovative solutions for meeting current and future challenges in identity fraud, theft, misuse, management, and protection. Participants focus on understanding, defining, and securing identity. Experts examine trusted identities for individuals, organizations, and devices from every angle of our increasingly online world.

This unique conference invites experts and stakeholders from the private sector, government, and academia to engage in a comprehensive 360-degree study along the five critical dimensions of Identity: Law, Business, Policy, Technology, and Society. ID360 is an invaluable forum to share, learn, and exchange ideas, experiences, and innovations.

The theme of this year's ID360 was “The Identity Economy." Personally identifying information (PII) serves as currency on the Internet—it is used to gain access to all forms of goods, services, networks, and devices. Consumers, corporations, and government agencies operate their internal identity economies, as well as participate in the global identity.

During the 2-day conference, expert panelists and speakers examined the impact of the digital revolution in PII on individuals and organizations, and shared insights about the future of the Identity Economy.

Frank Abagnale speaks with Passcode's Michael Farrell

Adam Tyler speaks with Passcode's Michael Farrell

Eduard Goodman of IDT911 speaks with Passcode's Sara Sorcher

LexisNexis' Kim Little Sutherland speaks with Passcode's Michael Farrell

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