The Identity Ecosystem: New Problems Demand New Solutions

Identity is the currency that grants access to cyberspace. It is the key we use to open the doors to goods, services, products, and platforms. As the information age mandates that our lives become increasingly digital, identity management and security leap to the forefront of the myriad challenges confronting society. It is imperative that we advance thought leadership through proactive and dedicated discussion of identity management and security processes for people, businesses, and government agencies. The time is now.

The Center for Identity is uniquely positioned to offer insights on the issues of identity management and privacy, and share discoveries in security research. Addressing these challenges from an innovative, research-driven viewpoint, we seek to discuss the identity issues most relevant to people, businesses, and government. The Center's multi-disciplinary research team is uniquely informed by our stakeholders, and brings diverse expertise in disciplines such as law, technology, public policy, social sciences, business, and communications.

In addition, the Center is excited to announce an unprecedented set of Strategic Partners, drawn from corporations, government agencies, and law enforcement, each of whom will provide thought leadership and innovative solutions to current identity challenges. We are excited about building this team and forum to expound upon existing Center research, to discuss emerging issues, and extrapolate future research needs in the realm of identity security.

We are dedicated to learning about identity management, privacy, and security from all possible angles, disciplines, and market sectors. We seek to discover the economic, financial, and societal implications of identity management and privacy, and we intend to make it easier for people to consume complex data about identity value, threats, and theft. We aim to protect against the financial and emotional toll of fraud and identity theft. Questions and issues guiding the Center's innovation, education, and outreach include:

  • What is the value of your identity? Of your personal information?
  • Are certain identity attributes more valuable than others? In what ways?
  • What are the economic costs of identity fraud and abuse? The temporal costs? The emotional costs? Reputation costs? How do these costs differ for consumers and for businesses?
  • What are the substantial differences between identity threats?
  • How can we best depict the steps that should be taken to protect one's identity?
  • What are the technical vulnerabilities that identity thieves commonly exploit?
  • What are the social vulnerabilities that identity thieves exploit?
  • How do cognitive and psychological processes affect our ability to combat emerging identity threats?
  • In what ways do perceptions of risk motivate our concerns for privacy and anonymity?
  • How can we most effectively educate our children about the risks to their identity, and the importance of protecting their personal information?
  • And many more…

From concrete models like the economic value of identity attributes to conceptual notions such as how we understand and process identity threats, the Center for Identity strives to study and discuss all aspects of identity. Our goal is for this platform to increase public discussion of identity threats, advance critical thought, spur research questions, expound upon emerging discoveries and innovations, and build and educate an identity workforce—not merely to provoke thoughtful deliberation, but to provide solutions for current and future trends in identity management, privacy, and security.

Thank you for joining us and for being an integral part of this project.

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