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Mia Markey, Ph.D.

Biomedical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

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Under the direction of Dr. Mia K. Markey, the mission of the Biomedical Informatics Lab (BMIL) is to design cost-effective, computational decision aids. The BMIL develops decision support systems for clinical decision making and scientific discovery using artificial intelligence and signal processing technologies. The BMIL's research portfolio also includes projects in biometrics. Examples of recent BMIL projects include computational decision aids for interpreting biomedical spectra (e.g., polarized reflectance spectroscopy, enhanced polarization-sensitive OCT) and images (e.g., mammography, 3D surface scans), biometrics for 3D face recognition, and computational methods for identifying biomarkers from genomic and proteomic analyses.

Research Areas:

Biomedical informatics, Facial recognition, Decision support