Center for Identity Overview

The University of Texas at Austin established the Center for Identity (UT CID) to serve as a center of excellence for identity management, privacy and security. The research and education endeavors of the UT CID are breaking new ground to anticipate and mitigate current and future identity threats. Serving as a state and national treasure, the UT CID addresses urgent research, application and education challenges while offering leadership, vision and solutions for the future. The UTCID is one-of-a-kind research and education leader delivering unprecedented innovations through its “ID360” approach. The UT CID ID360 approach brings together all the contributing disciplines (law, policy, business, technology, society and communications) to partner with leaders from impacted market sectors from corporations, government and law enforcement.

The mission of the Center is to deliver the highest-quality discoveries, applications, education and outreach for excellence in identity management, privacy and security. 

The Center fulfills this mission by:

  • Leading the world in forecasting threats and delivering solutions that uniquely define and protect identity in physical and online environments
  • Delivering unique, actionable research to organizations to help them identify their vulnerabilities, quantify consequences of those vulnerabilities and offer solutions to better protect their organizations and their customers
  • Educating students, government, industry and the public concerning threats and solutions for identity definition, authentication and protection for individuals and organizations
  • Working as a community leader and service provider by researching problems that affect people everywhere, making The University of Texas an approachable resource for recognizing and resolving identity management, security and privacy challenges


The Center for Identity at The University of Texas at Austin is actively pursuing basic and applied research opportunities that advance both our understanding of the structure and behavior of the identity ecosystem, and our ability to predict and mitigate identity theft, fraud, and abuse while protecting privacy in a wide range of application areas.


The Center for Identity offers a wide variety of educational opportunities, including webcasts, short courses, certificates and advanced degrees. The Master of Science in Identity Management and Security degree program is designed for working professionals looking for the flexibility to advance their opportunities while remaining in the workforce. UT CID also develops classes for state agencies regarding best practices for the safe collection, storage, management and disposal of PII, and education for law enforcement officers to better understand identity theft and fraud crimes and connections facilitating other crimes.

Consumer Outreach

The Center for Identity’s IDWise project educates consumers on how to secure their PII and protect their privacy.  The IDWise online resource center offers articles, apps, how-to videos, quizzes, toolkits, infographics and games game for children that address best practices for individual identity management and security.

Strategic Partnerships

The Center partners with organizations from the corporate sector, government and law enforcement, and academia to solve the identity challenges that impact personal security, commerce, government services and national security. With a shared mission to advance identity management and security, the Center for Identity’s strategic partners provide guidance and input for all aspects of the Center operations, including research and education, programs, applications and outreach.