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A Center of Excellence building knowledge and workforce to protect citizens, businesses and government.

The IDWise Project, funded by the 83rd Texas Legislature, is quickly launching the Center as a State and National Center of Excellence to advance the fundamental understanding of identity protection and to build "The Trusted Internet Economy" here in Texas.

  • A unique partnership of state and national agencies, academia, and business
  • Identifying and providing education for the emerging jobs associated with Internet Commerce 2020 to Texas
  • A resource for our government agencies to mitigate risk and negative financial impact to the State of Texas

Identity Misuse and Theft is a Massive and Growing Problem

  • Identity thieves and fraudsters are well-resourced, orga- nized, and constantly changing in order to circumvent security technologies, business processes and laws.
  • 16.6 million people were victims of identity theft in 2012 with financial losses of $24.7 billion.
  • Texas ranks 4th in the nation for highest incidence of identity theft complaints.
  • The State of Texas is a vulnerable and high-value target: From birth and death certificates to information held with tax returns, drivers' licenses, unemployment, CHIP, Medicaid, Welfare and so much more, The State holds hundreds of millions of records with personally identifiable information.

The Center Provides Resources to Help the State of Texas Mitigate Risk Associated with Identity Misuse, Theft and Fraud.

Criminals target state agencies because of the massive amounts of personal data they hold and the significant monetary value of the benefits and services they distribute—the State of Texas is not immune! Data breaches are becoming increasingly more prevalent and costly. The State of Texas must be vigilant and stay one-step-ahead of these criminals.

Resources and education from The Center help the State of Texas:

  • To be proactive in preventing security breaches and fraud rather than simply responding after the fact.
  • To understand the continually changing landscape and to stay ahead of the hackers in terms of knowledge and training.
  • To mitigate the risk of lawsuits: having employees trained in various critical areas may prevent or lessen the impact of a lawsuit should a data breach occur.

The Center Helps the State of Texas Protect Its Citizens and Businesses

The Center provides information and resources to protect all Texans, especially our most vulnerable: children, veterans, seniors, and small businesses. IDWise is an online resource center that is continuously updated with the latest tools, educational materials, workshops and more to help inform, protect, and positively modify behaviors of our citizens. The Center is also providing a variety of critical educational opportunities—from Small Business data breach workshops, professional Masters degree program, to online protection curriculum for elementary school classrooms.

Children, veterans, seniors and small business are among the most vulnerable targets for identity theft:

  • Active US military and veterans report identity theft complaints at twice the number reported by the general public. Deployed military personnel are at a higher risk for identity theft because they are often unavailable to monitor fraudulent account activity.
  • Children are 35-50% more likely to be victims of identity theft than a mid-life adult.
  • Seniors are 20 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than a mid-life adult.
  • Almost 50% of all small businesses have been a victim of cyber attacks.

The Center is Driving Thousands of New, High-Paying Jobs to Texas

Employment of Information Security Analysts is projected to grow 37% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations of 11%. These analysts are needed to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or creating havoc on computer networks. Over 100,000 jobs for this single function are anticipated to be needed by 2022, and Texas currently ranks #3 in concentration of these.

The Center is currently developing research to understand the required roles, responsibilities and training necessary to fuel the "trusted internet economy." Work is in progress to offer this necessary education via undergraduate and Master's programs at University of Texas at Austin and continuing education through the Center for Identity. This is creating a larger pool of qualified workforce here in the State of Texas.

The Center Places a National Center of Excellence in Texas

Until formation of The Center, there has been no adequate center of excellence to leverage government agencies, business and academia to combat the growing challenges of identity misuse, theft and fraud. Now, with the Center for Identity, Texas is Leading the Charge!

The Center hosts ID360 Global Forum—An annual 2-day summit bringing together over 200 industry leaders to share insights into privacy, security and identity management. The Center is a national leader in critical research, and provides a leading web and social media presence as well as informational content and educational opportunities.

Key Partnerships:

  • US Secret Service
  • Texas DPS
  • US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • US Treasury
  • FBI
  • Texas HHSC
  • TransUnion
  • Texas DIR
  • LexisNexis
  • LifeLock
  • HID Global

With the Center for Identity, Texas is Leading the Charge

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