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About the Center for Identity

The University of Texas at Austin established the Center for Identity to serve as a center of excellence for identity management, privacy and security. The mission of the Center is to deliver the highest-quality discoveries, applications, education and outreach for excellence in identity management, privacy and security. The research and education endeavors of the Center are breaking new ground to prepare its members to anticipate and mitigate current and future identity threats. Serving as a state and national treasure, the Center meets near-term research, application, and education needs while offering leadership, vision, and solutions for the future. The Center will fulfill its education, research and outreach mission by:

• Leading the world in forecasting threats and delivering solutions that uniquely define and protect identity in physical and cyber environments.• Educating students, government, industry, and the public concerning threats and solutions for personal, organizational, and entity identity definition, authentication, and protection.

• Working as a community leader and service provider by researching problems that affect people everywhere, offering The University of Texas as an approachable resource for recognizing and resolving identity management challenges.

To achieve its mission, the Center will leverage the depth and breadth of expertise throughout The University of Texas at Austin to conduct basic and applied research that directly addresses identity management challenges for individuals and organizations. Research solutions require collaborations from multiple viewpoints – law, public policy, technology, sociology, and communications – all of which are areas of academic excellence at The University.

The Center for Identity will lead the nation in identity research.

The Center offers innovations to uniquely define and protect the identities of people, organizations, and entities in both cyber and physical environments. From basic research to applied research, serving a wide range of industrial, government and defense applications, the Center will offer identity definitions, best practices, lifecycle management and technology to ensure its Partners and the nation remain ahead of the growing identity challenges. The Center will work specifically to identify and integrate the technological, legal, cultural, commercial, and public policy solutions required to translate identity management and protection research into deployed solutions.

The Center for Identity will lead the nation in identity education.

The Center for Identity will be an epicenter of identity solution excellence brought about by active collaborations to meet our community, business, state, and national identity challenges.Central to the mission of the Center are educational programs including short courses, seminars, certifications and degree programs to prepare working professionals, consumers, and new UT-Austin graduates to develop and implement the superior business processes, policies, and technologies to authenticate and safeguard identities throughout their organizations, their careers, and their lives.

The Center will pair the depth and breadth of knowledge and talent at The University of Texas with its Partners from industry, government, and academia to offer the best thinking and solutions available to enroll, authenticate, and protect identities everywhere. The Center will provide an unbiased public service, delivering trusted information concerning identity threats and protection.

The Center for Identity will be comprised of thought leaders from government, corporate, and academic organizations.

Our Partners share a common interest in research and education for meeting current and future identity management challenges impacting individuals, public safety, commerce, government programs, and national security. The Center's founding Partners are leaders from industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and academia.

Membership in the Center for Identity will provide real return-on-investment to its Partners.

The Center will endeavor to:

1. Foster collaboration between Partners and academia – enabling researchers to develop a deep understanding of identity management challenges and, in turn, enabling our Partners to gain insight into innovative research and education.

2. Enable Partners to play a key role in shaping and prioritizing the Center's research and education pursuits.

3. Provide Partners with visibility and priority access to the Center's faculty, staff, and students.

The Center's Strategic Partner Program is the mechanism by which Partners and academia collaborate and innovate. The Center will leverage the talent and resources of The University of Texas to ensure the best business practices, policies, technology, legal and cultural knowledge are available to the Center for Identity membership to predict, thwart and prevent identity threats. Center members will join a team of research and education pioneers committed to transforming identity management barriers into opportunities.