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ID360 Conference

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ID360: The Global Forum on Identity

ID360 2014: "Identity: Cradle to Grave"

April 9 & 10, 2014 AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center Austin, Texas

The ID360 theme is “Identity: Cradle to Grave,” exploring how identity changes as a function of age for people, businesses and devices. Changes in age can impact identity descriptions, management, risks, values, security, and privacy, as well as motivate different legal, business, policy, technology and social solutions. ID360 will explore identity throughout the lifecycle for:

People – before birth, after death, and all the ages in between.

Businesses – from launch to growth, mergers and retirement.

Devices – through product lifetime and individual ownership.

ID360 is a community of stakeholders interested in fostering research, development and implementation of innovative solutions to meet current and future challenges to identity fraud, theft, misuse, and detection. Participants focus on understanding, defining, and securing the Identity Ecosystem. Experts examine trusted identities for individuals, organizations, and devices from every angle of our increasingly cyber world.  

This 3rd annual ID360 invites experts and stakeholders from the private sector, government, and academia to engage in a comprehensive 360-degree study of identity along the five critical dimensions of Identity: Law, Business, Policy, Technology, and Society. ID360 is an invaluable forum to share, learn and exchange ideas, experiences, and innovations to enrich training, products and collaborations.

For more information, see the Call for Papers and Agenda.